‘Democracy Drives On Dissent’.


The Editorial of The Woodward Journal recognizes how remarkably challenging it has become to access the unfiltered aspects of the world progressing towards an uncertain ruthlessness, keeping in dark its citizens today more than ever.


With this particular notion in line, The Woodward Journal adopts an independent approach in its operation and chooses to propagate the principle of a free and unbiased press, untainted by all forms of political inclinations.


Our purposed foundation strictly remains to be a centralist and to promulgate the narratives which lie in the best interests of the concerned audiences. However, we are not motivated by any propaganda derived from vested interests or conceptions or personal biases.


As far as the published stories are concerned, all the facts within an article are checked prior to the release and the pieces are firmly backed by the journal and its editorial.


In case of any contentions regarding the excerpts on our social media handle, we would strongly recommend the reader to read the entire article on the website to avoid any misconceptions in their judgments. However, if the issue still persists, then the disapprover shall feel free to mail us at support@woodwardjournal.com


The purposed foundation is to refuse to be held back and vow to thrive on our visions premised on the true spirited essence of the free press.

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The Woodward Journal is a one place solution for an enriching news reading experience due to the extensive scrutiny and concise manner of penmanship.

Sarthak Srivastava


Sarthak Srivastava

Founding & Managing Editor

Aditya Raj Handa

Founding & Technical Editor

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