Fall of Donald Trump prevails as the Trump Organization indicted

Manhattan DA office announced criminal charges against Donald Trump’s family business, the Trump Organisation and its CFO Allen Weisselberg.

The base of several charges and the subsequent indictment has been the failure to pay taxes on various perks received by Mr Weisselberg and other executives from the Trump Organisation. The long-running investigation by Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, took a drastic turn of events after the tax failures became the centre of investigations.

Trump Organization has been accused of engaging in a 15-year scheme starting in 2005, which helped top executives evade taxes by compensating them with perks and bonuses that were kept off the records.

The biggest beneficiary of the scheme turned out to be the CFO, as he allegedly received about 1.76 million dollars in indirect and hidden compensation, allowing him to evade tax at every level of the government.

As for the former president, Donald Trump has not been charged, and no employee other than Weisselberg was charged. Furthermore, three children of Trump employed at the family organisation have not been charged. However, the investigation continues, and the spotlight has been shifted to Mr Trump and other company executives as prosecutors; a team of forensic auditors and experts are continuing to examine millions of pages of Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns.

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