The State of Psychological War: More Deadly Than Bullet

In this growing world of Arms and Defence Technologies, every country mostly the superpowers are signing Arms and Defence Deals to enhance their capabilities to compete in this showdown of dominance and International Politics. But the two real questions are how psychological war is more deadly than a bullet? and do we need to fight every war with Arms? Consider the following line: 

“Those Who Can Make You Think the Way That’s in their Interest enjoy the real power” Ajit Doval

To Force the other countries to submit to their interest often causes Armed Conflict or puts the country in a position to upgrade their Defence Equipment and Technologies. However, in the upcoming generation of warfare, the above-quoted line which is the actual meaning of Psychological Warfare would expand which is still in progress, then it would be lethal than the Hot War. In War, Arms, missiles bombs, etc, may be seen or taken as a fearful observation but if someone who can control people and the Government and possess the power to change their mindset with a snap of finger then It is more deadly than Arms and Missiles and in modern times, Countries are waging Psy Operations/War against each other by using their Intelligence Agencies( Spies) and Security Establishments who act like invisible soldiers in this war. 

Understanding the Working: A Weapon for Political Warfare and During War Times 

Psychological Warfare, often manipulates your thinking and tries to mold it in someone else interest in such a way that you help the other country to achieve their objectives, for better crystallization manipulation can be defined as tactical usage of propaganda, threats, mislead and intimidate(Psychological Pressure) to demoralize the enemy or create a sense of hatred against the particular Government giving rise to a Mob Mentality thereby leading to riots and unrest in the country so that one government can be toppled down or an environment of unrest can demoralize the leadership of the particular country. This is Covert Psychological Operation or call this political warfare, the concept of Psywar is also used during war times to demoralize the enemy troops. There are various techniques of waging Psy Operations: 1) Blame Games 2) International Propaganda 3) Using Terrorism (Create Sense of Fear and to disturb the harmony of the nation) 4) Coercive Diplomacy- Threatening other nations. However, when we specifically talk about Covert PSYOP (Psychological Operations) we see that Playing Blame Games also known as False Flag, is the most used technique, mostly by Americans since World War II against Nazis. In Psy War, The Mob- Mentality which is created against the government, acts as a smokescreen where the actual truth is hidden and False Narratives gets the stage. 

How the Blame Game Mechanism Works 

If Country/ Government A is not functioning as per the terms/ favor of country B, or if the Government B feels that the Government A leadership(PM or President) might become a subject of potential threat to their country in future then Country B decides to change or destabilize the country A’s Government not through war and causing armed conflicts but conducting a psychological operation against that country through various means- Creating grey zones in the country A using Intelligence Agencies and Spies from where they can mobilize and provoke sensitive subjects of the country and people who are 

not satisfied with the country A’s Government and later these spies of country B will negatively color their psychological behavior or beliefs / provoke them against the government which eventually lead to riots and unrest in the county A, and blame and make the Government In Power responsible for the unrest and conducting riots, this will automatically build pressure on the government and demoralize the leadership of Country A in some cases, government(If weak) gets toppled due to enormous pressure of failure in handling riots and political unrest. This situation also becomes worse when opposition parties of Country A also come in to capitalize on this opportunity to destabilize the government in power in the country, In short here, someone else is held responsible for actions that are in reality conducted by someone else. 

The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) an Important Factor in Psywar 

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is open source information such as media, newspaper, Digital News Space such as Whatsapp, Emails Facebook Twitter Etc. One Fake and provocative message or post can easily light up a riot and bloodshed in the country. Some Countries/ Intelligence Agencies use OSINT to circulate fake and sensitive/ provocative messages via their agents/ spies in a particular country where they are planning to carry out riots. OSINT is the most effective way to organize psywar in any country. There are three types of PsyWar 

A-White Propoganda: Where the news is truthful sort of whistleblowing to embarrass the enemy

B-Grey Progoganda: Where the Information or News is truthful but the source is not known 

C-Black Propoganda: Where the Information is fake and misleading to push the population in some direction and usually people don’t know that they have been misled. Here the source is also not known and sometimes deceptive or attributes to some other sponsor which is not real. 

Delhi Riots: Possible Psy War by ISI? 

The Delhi Riots which is still fresh in the memory of some people or victims, the recent investigation shows links of some foreign countries and mobilization of funds by some anti-national organizations which may be funded by ISI, The Pakistan Intelligence Agency. It is possible that ISI with mobilization of some organizations such as PFI and other organizations funded and organized Delhi Riots to demoralize the political environment of our country for a longer period which may affect the upcoming elections in India as well. 

Americans In Panama 

The Central Investigation Agency(CIA) waged a covert psychological operation against the People of Panama by broadcasting propaganda against the Cuban Government through TV and with radios. 

US In Iran: A Classic Example of Blame Game 

In April 1953 CIA was bestowed with a task(Operation/ Project Named: AJAX) to destabilize the Political Structure and Ruling party in Iran, in other words, to launch a coup against the Iranian Government and establish a puppet Government by causing fractions in the party or by destabilizing and by making 

Opposition Party stronger and mobilizing people who had non- satisfactory views on the Government. This Operation was planned to overthrow the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh. The Plan of Action of the Operation involved: 

The CIA Agents Conducted attacks on mosques and key public figures by posing as members of the communist party. As a result, the Iran government and Party were blamed for the attack, and further this led in overthrowing the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favor of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. 


China is also famous for waging psychological and propaganda warfare, the recent move of creating videos of military exercises and circulating on social media. The Chinese Media started to play Victim Card and broadcasted that India was responsible for all the tensions and mobilization at the border. China is playing Propaganda tactics to hide its mistakes and truth to avoid any unrest against the Chinese Government by its people. 

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